We’ve reached the end of 2020 – which seems like it took forever or was instantaneous; it’s complicated – with even more of 20201 ahead.

In a year that moved like a blur for people and was characterized by disruption, what happened? What impacted you in positive ways? What will you take away that you can productively use again?

What are you taking forward from 2020?

Taking forward into 2020

During 2020, I shared several new sets of questions to help you identify what you might bring forward into the future:

Early in 2021, we want to share your forward-looking ideas and lessons from 2020. Will you help us fulfill that goal?

You can do so by letting us know a few of your thoughts about the year past. Using this link, you can share as much or as little as you’d like. We’ll compile your responses into an upcoming Brainzooming blog post.

Beyond your lessons learned, please share anything and everything else you are wrestling with now or are anticipating during 2021. Your aspirations and challenges will help shape how we can best support you in the year ahead.

Share your thoughts with other readers:   What are you taking away from 2020?

Most of all, thank you for your readership and interest in Brainzooming. I look forward to being even more present and available as a help for you in the days ahead!  – Mike Brown

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