There is a line in the movie "The Big Chill" that has stuck with me: "Sometimes, you just have to let art . . . flow . . . over you."

That’s a great strategic thinking for art – and life.

Letting life flow over you, however, is easier said than done for most analytical people.

But it is wonderful advice you CAN extend to other situations in life.

The benefit of doing so will be a calmer demeanor and a lot less angst than sweating every detail.

If you can let the "art" that is part of your life flow over you, you can also:

  • Appreciate the bigger picture without overlooking the subtle, unexpected details that make life special
  • Adjust your time and effort expended on projects to ensure the biggest overall impact across everything you do
  • Tolerate and enjoy unplanned variations that can lead to new creative paths
  • Worry less, especially over things you are never going to control

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

So take my strategic tinking advice.

Try letting life flow over you more today than you did yesterday. - Mike Brown


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