For a planning guy, it’s always time to be thinking about and planning for next year, and how it’s going to differ from this year. To help your business get started, here are five specific strategy questions you should be considering:

  • Are the same strategies going to be important for your business next year?
  • What external factors are surfacing to shape the rest of this year and next?
  • Which other developments may not be visible yet, but have the potential to impact our business?
  • What strategies will we want to continue doing?
  • What looks like it isn’t working and needs to be changed or dropped?

Beyond these five starter questions, here are eleven ways The Brainzooming Group can help you finish this year more successfully and pave the way for greater success next year:

  • If you've been repeatedly talking about starting a new initiative but can't get it going, we'll quickly create the plan to move you ahead.
  • If you need a quick strategic perspective and creative ideas, we'll get on the phone with you for 60 minutes and figure out strategically sensible tactics.
  • If you suspect the market is moving away from your business model, we'll challenge you and clarify where your organization's future is.
  • If you don't suspect the marketing is moving away from your business model, we'll really challenge you and clarify where your organization's future needs to be.
  • If you have lots of data that's not leading to decisions, we'll simplify and focus information into insights.
  • If the staff you have in place can't keep up with expectations being placed on it, we'll supply additional marketing horsepower.
  • If you don't have time to think, we'll dramatically shorten the time it takes to consider strategic options and do something about them.
  • If you have lots of ideas, but aren't sure which ones are best to pursue, we'll rapidly cut through wannabe concepts and zero in on clear winners.
  • If you're budget is constrained, we'll identify low and no-cost resources to ensure disproportionate positive market impact.
  • If you're trying to get a handle on how social media really contributes to your business, we'll identify which business objectives you can genuinely impact with a solid social media strategy.
  • If your growth and profits are stalled, we'll help identify better plans to target growth in your major accounts.

Because of the innovative, interactive planning process The Brainzooming Group creates for your business, you get the benefits of solid planning in dramatically less time with the ability to anticipate market changes upfront.

That’s why smart organizations work with us to become more successful as we rapidly expand their strategic options and create innovative plans they can efficiently implement.

Email us at or call us at 816-509-5320 to learn how we can deliver these benefits for you. - Mike Brown