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Traveling Deep in the Heart of Texas

"Danger. Danger, Will Robinson." Sometimes danger is scary. Sometimes danger is attractive. Those latter situations are the ones that are going to REALLY get you . . . Something is something....clap, clap, clap, clap....deep in the heart of Texas . . . I love staying in places in cities that make walking to things viable . . . "She calls me 'baby,' she calls everybody 'baby.'"


I appreciate conference producers that will let you, in the moment, completely deconstruct a presentation into something you couldn't have ever planned for, but turns out to be a unique experience for the audience . . . Too bad unique isn't repeatable . . . Something I hate? People who refuse to leave their phone number because they think your phone displayed their number. THAT doesn't always happen . . . Sleeping? We don't need to stinkin' sleeping. That works for only so long, however.

Sometimes when you are trying to accomplish an unfamiliar mission, it feels weird when you actually accomplish it. In fact, it can feel like failure . . . Beating something up to improve it is one thing. Beating something up because you don't know what else to do is another thing, and you should stop it right away . . . Having someone channeling an early Sandra Bernhardt attitude in a creative session is not advantageous.

Travel Blogging at an Airport Bar


The guys that paid their tab 20 minutes ago are still sitting at their table in the airport bar. Glad I didn't hang out waiting for them to leave . . . There may be a pretty strong correlation between doing tequila shots in an airport bar and missing your flight. The correlation may be even greater with doing tequila shots and then not being able to read when you need to board the flight you've been rebooked on after you missed your original flight.

If you're Catholic, don't ever pass up a priest on the way to get on an airplane . . . If you are of a certain age, it's funny how you still feel like you should call someone when you pass through their city even though the call doesn't cost you more than calling them any other time from any other place . . . If you're confused, just wait. You may find you need to know just right around the corner.


Facebook Friends

The last Facebook friend-worthy person I met on a flight was 7 months ago. I don't know whether that's a bad sign or a good sign . . .  I was in row 17, if you know what I mean . . . So far, for the woman in 17F, I've shown her how to put her phone in airplane mode, told her how to spell Phoenix, and let her know what time we're supposed to land in Kansas City. And that's all before we have taken off yet. You gotta love travel blogging! – Mike Brown

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