10. The USB drive with all my proper blog post starting ideas was downstairs, and it was too much of a hassle to go down and get it.

9. Driving across Kansas doesn’t inspire nearly the same blog post creativity that flying does.

8. Too much time spent writing and not nearly enough time spent absorbing creative ideas recently.

7. I still owe Bob Fine an article about Google Fiber in Kansas City for The Social Media Monthly magazine.

6. I’m trying to get comfortable with not writing a blog post every day.

5. Suffering from a persistent case of creative apathy.

4. No one is demanding a post today (or on Thursday or Friday).

3. My focus right now is on not screwing up cooking Thanksgiving turkey for my mother-in-law.

2. After hearing Joe Pulizzi a few weeks ago, it’s clear we need to spend more time on the marketing side rather than the content creation side of "content marketing."

1. I've temporarily run out of interesting lists. - Mike Brown