Is your current job using your full mental, creative, innovative, or other type of skill that's really important to you for being fulfilled in your career?


Want some advice?

Quit complaining and really exploit the situation. At least for right now.

Seem like a bizarre strategy?

In the past I would have thought so, but not anymore.

At one point, I considered a less than mentally taxing job something to be avoided at all costs or quickly fixed if it happened to develop. Having experienced a little more of life, however, my perspective has changed.  Now, I'd recommend using your current situation as an opportunity to apply your untapped talents and energy into innovating your next phase of life.

Discussing this topic with several people uncovered quite a few instances where being able to deliver results while mentally coasting in a day job allowed someone to devote extra mental capacity to develop a new product, business model,  or talent. Those efforts led to much more exciting and stimulating opportunities. Plus, being able to do the building with the cash flow a regular gig provides made risk taking that much more manageable strategy.

So if you're feeling stuck in your job, redefine your situation. Get on top of whatever "box" you think you're stuck in, and use it as an innovative strategy development platform from which you'll leap into whatever will be your incredibly innovative future!  - Mike Brown