We pick up the 10 NO's Blocking InNOvation series with numbers 3 and 4 on avoiding rocking the boat and struggling with finding the right innovative talent in your business.

3. NO Rocking the Boat

There's an unmistakable signal from management (whether it's uttered directly or not): "If it isn't broken, don't mess with it. We're not interested in risk taking; let's just maintain the status quo." These messages make it clear that good things don't await those interested in exploring new approaches or trying to do things in different ways. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

4. NO Talent Pool

The company may have convinced itself the right people aren't in place to make innovation happen. It could be a perceived lack of "creatives" or "outside the box" thinkers. More likely though, it's a failure to get people with diverse perspectives together and let them work. It's more about diverse talent not working together than not having the right talent in the first place. What Are Some Things You Can Try?

On Wednesday, it's NO's 5 and 6 standing in the way of innovation.