People have suggested over the years that we should take a break from the Brainzooming blog’s rigorous publishing schedule.

The advice was reiterated last Thursday by Stephen Lahey, the Smart Solo Business mastermind and self-described “number one Brainzooming fan.” The thing is through all the sharing and promotion Stephen does of Brainzooming content, his self-described title is completely true.

I updated Stephen on the upcoming Brainzooming presentations I am developing for later July, including:

Along with so much time focused on family matters the last couple of months, I told Stephen the next two weeks would be heavy with creating these presentations, let alone getting the blog written. He advised me to be realistic and take a Brainzooming blog vacation.


Well, if the blog’s number one fan is okay with a blog vacay, maybe it is time to take a Brainzooming blog vacation.

And so, we will.

Look for the blog to return next week when I have had a chance to catch up, complete the presentations, and maybe even write a few unpublished blogs to build up my cushion of new content again. It is incredible to think, at one time, I was twenty blog posts ahead for Brainzooming at a time when I was also doing two other blogs!

How times change!

Enjoy the Brainzooming blog vacation as much as I plan to do, and we will see you back here next week! – Mike Brown


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