I was in Western Kansas last week, and my mom and I made a few trips to Walgreens. Right inside the parking lot was a huge pothole (interestingly, this may be a part of the Walgreens brand experience because there's a comparable one at the Kansas City location we regularly visit). The first two times we were there, my mom pointed it out and told me to be careful not to hit it. I found this quite UNNECESSARY since, given its enormous size, it was IMPOSSIBLE to not see the pothole.

On my way out of town, I stopped alone at Walgreens to get something. This time, I didn't see the pothole, and without my mom to point it out, the car thudded right into it.

Why the difference? I'm not entirely sure.

But here's the lesson: even when you think you don't need help from someone, TAKE IT. And more than that, accept it with a smile, take it to heart, and thank them for the advice because you just don't know what might have happened if they hadn't cared enough to offer it!