You’re all invited join us Super Bowl Sunday for a fun, intimate Twitter chat all about the Super Bowl advertising and everything else going on with the game. By including the hashtag #SBExp in your tweets, you’ll be a part of a great group of marketers and pop culture fans, curated by Jim Joseph, author of “The Experience Effect” and “The Experience Effect for Small Business,” just released this week. While The Brainzooming Group hosted #BZBowl during the past two Super Bowls, we’re putting our energy behind the #SBExp chat for Super Bowl XLVI.

While there are a LOT of Twitter chats, tweeting during a live TV event provides a unique twist since you have a large audience focused on and reacting to the same content. And as almost a sub-chat of the bigger Super Bowl XLVI ad tweeting, #SBExp provides an opportunity to both MEET new people and to actually INTERACT with one another.

Since we hope to attract some new tweeters for Sunday’s #SBExp chat, here are 11 live event Twitter chat tips to make #SBExp more fun and exciting for you (and btw, Jim Joseph, there are some curation tips I’ve learned in here that could be helpful for you too).

11 Tips for a Great #SBExp Chat Experience

1. A Twitter chat isn’t about making pronouncements or simply blasting messages. In a discussion-based Twitter chat, there is typically a moderator asking questions for the the group to react to individually. When you're chatting about an event, there are probably not going to be planned questions posed. In these cases, watch what other participants are tweeting, answering and responding to others, even if there isn’t a question involved.

2. When it comes to what Twitter platform to use, try Since automatically inserts the hashtag for you, it offsets the effects of Number 5 on this list. Tweetdeck (at least the old Tweetdeck) is faster than Hootsuite, and refresh speed is really important if you don’t want to be 5 minutes behind (although expect tweets to be running slowly on Super Bowl Sunday).

3. Keep some tweeting energy in reserve. If you’re really into a live event Twitter chat, you’ll be surprised at how draining tweeting can be. Pace yourself and still be there at the end.

4. Think of a live event Twitter chat as your chance to be a character on MST3K. Find your inner Tom Servo. Be profound, be insightful, be fun, be snarky – and use multiple tweets to be all these things if you need to!

5. Alcohol helps during a Twitter chat. Nuff said.

6. Since so many people are watching the event, it’s more fun to turn your tweets into a running commentary. People aren't looking for news reporting about what’s going on at the event; they want to hear your ideas.

7. If you’re ever going to be outrageous on Twitter, a live TV event is the time to do it. Outrageousness earns retweets and followers.

8. Think about your spelling, but don’t agonize over your spelling. Get your ideas out there fast. People will usually figure out minor spelling mistakes with no problem.

9. If you’re in a sub-chat (i.e. a focused chat within a bigger event) such as #SBExp, include the hashtag for the bigger event (i.e., #BrandBowl, #SuperBowlAds) in your best tweets. It can attract new people to your group and grow the audience.

10. Follow the people you’re tweeting with during the event. And it’s fine to carry one side conversations while the event is going on. It’s about the event, but it’s also about meeting new people you’ll enjoy tweeting with in the future as well.

11. Even though Twitter chats are silent, they’re actually incredibly loud. Don’t believe it? If you’re really into an event-related chat, try to “hear” people talking around you and process what they’re saying. It sounds odd, but if you experience deafening tweet loudness, you’re not alone.

I know there are more live event Twitter chat tips that should go on this list, so I’ll add to it as they occur to me on Super Bowl Sunday. Remember, get your Super Bowl XLVI advertising, marketing, and popular culture kicks with us Sunday on #SBExp!   - Mike Brown