For many years, the Brainzooming blog has gone varying degrees of “all out” to preview and report on Super Bowl advertising, including tweeting like crazy, first at #BZBowl, and then the last few years at Jim Joseph’s #SuperBowlEXP.

This year, I personally went a lot less all out for the Super Bowl Advertising onslaught.

I hope that doesn't Deflategate any of you!


10 Reasons for Not Going All Out on Super Bowl Advertising Coverage this Year

Why didn't I go all out?

Well of course, there are ten reasons.

  1. There’s simply too much hype for advertising that typically doesn't provide beneficial lessons most businesses should actually follow.
  2. I think Boom Ideanet, on the other hand, is doing some interesting work, and they had a natural and new voice to add to our Super Bowl coverage for the big game. This is especially true with the new Boom Ideanet eBook download on crowdsouring advertising, which you should grab here while you can.
  3. With the Seahawks and the Patriots, here wasn’t that much to get excited about beforehand, other than the Kansas City Chiefs already beating BOTH the Seahawks and the Patriots this year.
  4. I was invited to a Super Bowl party by a great friend and blog reader (hint, hint) and had decided upfront to behave more like an adult and less like a social media geek with my attention focused on monitoring and making #SuperBowlEXP tweets. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, so I did wind up tweeting more of the game than I'd expected.
  5. The post-game posts we have run in the past haven’t been huge traffic magnets, which tells me you all are getting your coverage of the advertising addressed in other venues, which is fine.
  6. Staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning writing that day’s blog post isn’t great blogging practice. I still spotted a typo on one of the previous year’s Super Bowl advertising posts this week.
  7. Most of the Super Bowl advertising videos goes private within a fairly short time, so those previous Super Bowl advertising blog posts don’t hold up as evergreen content.
  8. In the midst of what seems like a lot of behind-the-scenes prep work for upcoming presentations and a new business initiative for us, creating a bunch of new Super Bowl content didn’t crack the top five on my to-do list.
  9. Even Katy Perry being the halftime show wasn’t that exciting for me. Other than the flying star thing (which I take it from the tweets is an NBC tie-in), I think the performance confirmed my initial ho-hum sense.
  10. A natural major Super Bowl advertising presence for X LIX should have been Ex-Lax (say it aloud if you don’t get it). THAT would have been funny enough to get me in the game!


Having seen and tweeted on the ads (none of which I'd sought out ahead of time), there were a few winners and some real losers, although a number of my assessments differed from most of the rest of the folks tweeting on #SuperBowlEXP. It was intriguing, however, how many people were tweeting that this year, the game was actually better than the commercials, at least until the fighting started in the last 20 seconds.

Look for a quick recap of Brainzooming video tweets on Tuesday, because on Sunday night, I got some sleep! - Mike Brown

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