Some Monday quick thinking on strategy, creativity, and several other frequently touched upon topics on the Brainzooming blog:

Strategy - Do the things people don't expect. Don't do the things people do expect. When that quits working, switch.

Creativity - When you spend too much time with something, you're always in danger of losing any objectivity about it, which will compromise your creativity too.

Perspective - If you start the day looking to be pissed off, you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.

Inspiration - It's interesting how many people who tweet about having a creative block have fewer than 50 people they're following. Inspiration comes from many more than 50 places.

Performance - The disturbing thing about someone selling you a standard success formula is everyone they truly reach is using the same formula. At least make the effort to modify the formula to fit you.

Social Media - If you're going to get into Twitter, don't be coy about it. Don't tweet and delete. Tweet without retreat. Say something and stand behind what you say. – Mike Brown

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