What do you spend time on when you're stuck in an airport? While killing time in the San Diego airport for nearly 5 hours last week, I started thinking about things in life I don't understand. Here are 21 things that I still don't understand about social media. Most of them, I probably never will, but if you've got some ideas about any of them, please share your social media insights!

1. How Chris Brogan is such a rock star on Twitter (and in social media circles), but when you ask a large non-social media conference crowd if they've heard of Chris Brogan, two people raise their hands?

2. The reverence granted some people who have lots of followers, update all the time, and yet are clearly banal.

3. Spammers who use egg avatars along with every other clue signaling they are spammers. If you’re going to spam, maybe you could at least try and be a BIT mysterious about it.

4. Why people flock to narcissism and all other kinds of blatantly self-serving content?

5. The perennial popularity of stale quotes on Twitter.

6. Blog posts I care about intensely getting overlooked.

7. Blog posts that feel thrown together receiving lots of attention.

8. Companies who treat Twitter as if every tweet is a 140-character press release.

9. Why people think we care about the personal crap they share ALL the time?

10. Why most people tweeting "FTW" seem like "losers"?

11. The fascination with bacon and the term “douchebag.”

12. The need for people to describe themselves as “gurus,” “experts,” and “mavens.”

13. Who to friend and not on Facebook. (My list is a mishmash . . . I have to admit)?

14. Professional people over 40 who refuse to do anything with social media.

15. Unmitigated enthusiasm for all things social media.

16. Unmitigated antagonism for all things social media.

17. How the aggregation of people with scant, but disparate, knowledge results in exquisite insight?

18. People who dump 10 automated feed tweets in a minute and then go silent until their next dump.

19. The apparent willingness to let marketers have access to essentially all parts of your Facebook account.

20. The hatred, in general, for most of the “Mike Browns” mentioned on Twitter.

21. How behavior that could only be judged as “bitchy” in real life, is enough to attract and sustain a huge following online? – Mike Brown

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