What do you LOVE about your business?


Yes, I'm serious about that strategic thinking question.

Can you say what you LOVE about your business, and what it does? Or what your business enables? Or the bigger set of activities your business makes a reality?

If you struggle with those questions, take a time out right away and do the strategic thinking needed to get back in touch with the love in what you do.

What brought this up was a planning and strategic thinking workshop we were conducting for a business-to-business client. While its clients are businesses, it is ultimately a part of a consumer market that is ALL about love. Yet when the client's executives were participating in strategic thinking exercises and discussing the business, their comments suggested a dry, emotionless, and routine business completely devoid of any love.

Even in discussing its direct clients, who are often motivated by a love for what they do, there wasn't any hint of love in the business.


If you're missing the love about your business, how in the world can you find the best opportunities?

How can you uncover the special, memorable, and lasting moments your brand can create?

How will ANYONE care about using your brand?

Yes, even if you are in the most apparently mundane and boring industrial product, you need to find the love. SOMEBODY must love SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE in what your brand does or enables.

And when you answer the strategic thinking question about the possibilities and find the love, THAT'S WHEN you are going to find the great opportunities that seem to have eluded your brand up to this point.

Find the love. Find what's special about what you do. Find it RIGHT AWAY! - Mike Brown

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