It may simply be my reading habits, or the sources where I see articles on business and strategic thinking, but it seems so much business content you read touts "do this, do that, never do that thing."


While knowing dos and don'ts is helpful, articles written in that manner need to come with a huge red disclaimer reading:

"Remember your situation could be entirely different than the ones we're talking about. You might need to do the things we say not to, and don't do the things we recommend. Without knowing you and your situation, we really have no business thinking we can do your strategic thinking for you or saying what to do or don't do as emphatically as this article implies."

Hardly any dos and don'ts article EVER comes packaged with any such disclaimer, though.

In fact, most business articles that seem to get big attention from readers are the most strident in asserting that things are always or never a certain way the author addresses.

But it's ridiculous to think an author, especially one whose experience and qualifications are sketchy, has any basis to speak as definitively as they do on what will and won't work in your business.

So, please, please be careful with what your read and do your own strategic thinking.

Consider the ideas, but apply them with caution and depend on yourself for all the strategic thinking and decisions you need to make! – Mike Brown

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