There are various sketchbooks in our home office loaded with ideas. Sometimes a good thought doesn't fill up a whole blog post right away, but it offers enough possibilities to work well on Twitter. This is the debut of a new feature offering collections of strategic thinking ideas tweeted first, but then grouped and arranged to make them more digestible.

This first group touches on strategic collaboration, a fitting topic since upcoming posts on Wednesday and Thursday are both from people I've met over the past few weeks on Twitter.


  • Don't always answer a question for someone who already "knows" the answer. Let them own the answer.
  • Take risks on determined people. Even when falling short, their tenacity will create something rewarding.
  • Seek help. Don't try to understand or do everything yourself. There are people better prepared than you. Let them do what they know.
  • Get input early from a boss that has an informed perspective. You'll benefit from doing so.
  • Ask questions of experts. Chart their answers for agreement/disagreement. Pray. Then make your best decision.
  • Ask someone completely new for help with a challenge. You'll appreciate the different perspective. They'll like helping.
  • Go out of your way to (at least informally) mentor those eager to learn & grow.

Collaborative strategic planning