Want to set yourself apart through creating greater leadership impact and performance in your organization?

If you do, here’s an idea for starting to improve right away.

Based on workshop requests I’ve been receiving from clients this year, strategic thinking skills are re-emerging as a subject people want to dive into now, especially related to personal leadership and organizational success.

With rapid and often apparently uncertain change in today’s markets, strategic thinking skills are vital for leaders to adeptly combine broad, interconnected thinking and rigorous implementation skills.

Creating Leadership Impact through Strategic Thinking and Implementation

Given the rekindled interest in strategic thinking, it’s exciting to be partnering with the American Marketing Association Career Resource Center to offer the “Creating Leadership Impact through Strategic Thinking and Implementation” webinar. The July 23, 2013 webinar will be the first dedicated Brainzooming strategic thinking webinar. Over the course of the ninety minutes, we’ll show you an actionable strategic thinking and leadership approach so you can immediately:

  • Begin expanding your personal leadership impact in your organization
  • Better contribute to and successfully implement big picture thinking for results
  • Become a more successful, innovative decision maker

Whether you’re a long-time Brainzooming reader or new to our website, if you’re interested in molding your skills to be a more effective strategic leader, this new webinar is tailored to help you deliver on your talents in new, dynamic ways.


Leading up to the webinar, here’s an overview of some of the strategic thinking skills topics we’ll address:

I look forward to you joining us for “Creating Leadership Impact through Strategic Thinking and Implementation” on July 23rd. Register Today! – Mike Brown

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