Here is a quickie strategic thinking question for you:

If you saw your life as a teeter-totter, what rules of life would guide your behaviors and how you treat others?

Teeter-Totter Rules of Life

If teeter-totter rules of life guided your strategic thinking and actions, would you . . .

  • Realize that while it is great to be higher than somebody else, it is not going to last?
  • Think about how you being on top means another person is not and treat them with respect, particularly knowing the positions are easily reversed?
  • Consider that slamming someone else to the ground is going to mean your rise to the top is not going to be as smooth as it could be?
  • Equally enjoy the experiences of the rises and falls?
  • Take advantage of the full range of movement or try to limit the ups and downs very narrowly?
  • Act more deliberately to achieve the best balance and closeness to someone else so you both enjoy the ride?
  • Not fret so much about slipping from the pinnacle because all the conditions exist for you to return there?

A teeter-totter is a certainly a very simple life model, yet it seems like there are some valuable lessons that can apply to adult life. Mike Brown


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