This Thursday, I’m leading two Brainzooming workshops at the Arizona State University 25th annual Compete Through Service Symposium.  The workshops are titled, “Mining Outside-in Opportunities to Expand Your Service Offering.”

The workshop will cover Brainzooming strategic thinking exercises that explore brand benefits for innovation ideas, provide new ways to derive insights from the marketplace, and allow organizations to look at what they do in new ways to find other examples from which to innovate.


Brainzooming Strategic Thinking Exercises for Outside-in Innovation

As a preview, here is some of the Brainzooming content on which the session is based.

Building on Your Brand Benefits

Observing and Exploring New Possibilities

Deconstructing What Your Brand Does

Organizing the Strategic Thinking Exercises

To organize the strategic thinking exercises and other content, we’ve tapped a couple of outside sources that allow you to identify an organization’s innovation profile and tie specific activities to five stages of designing and offering a customer experience.

If you aren’t going to be at the Compete Through Service Symposium, we’ll soon be offering the eBook that attendees can download for these Brainzooming sessions. Look for it soon! – Mike Brown

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