Do you ever need to explore and describe a new product idea?

Opposite-ExpectationsIf so, here's a productive twist on a new product development ideation strategic thinking exercise we use to help teams quickly imagine ideas.

When we have limited time and want to explore new product possibilities, we cover both the basics of the product definition and some more extreme ideas all in one exercise. We accomplish this by comboing up a strategic thinking exercise focused on new product idea basics with another one using extreme creativity questions.

New Product Idea Basics and Extremes in 30 Minutes

This is a depiction of the type of strategic and creative thinking poster Brainzooming uses to help executives both target and rapidly expand their thinking in 30 minutes.

You can approach the questions in several ways. We often start with the question at the top center and then work clockwise around the poster. This queues up the first four questions on basics of new product development (product features, service delivery, pricing, marketing). When you reach the customer-designed product question at the bottom, you've moved into four extreme creativity questions (including striving for 10x impact, wild ideas, and doing the unexpected).

230127 Basic and Extreme Poster for Blog Foundation and Blue Sky

How long to spend with each prompt?

If you're going for many ideas in 30 minutes, Brainzooming recommends 3 to 4 minutes of attention before moving on to the next question.

Strategic Thinking Exercise with Extreme Creativity

Within this strategic thinking exercise's eight questions, we cover significant territory. Including extreme creativity questions along with the basic new product development questions introduces an intriguing dimension, even for groups that are already strongly creative.

Once we start asking extreme creativity questions, groups realize that it's fine to expand their thinking dramatically! These questions bring out distinctly different and bolder ideas than the basic questions that cover equally important fundamentals.

Go ahead and try this strategic thinking exercise. Be sure to let me know how it expands your new product ideas. – Mike Brown

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