Ever feel like this quote from Andy Warhol is your life motto?

I first read this Andy Warhol quote on practicing what you preach in high school, and I've used it to try keeping myself on (or moving toward) the program ever since.

While your preaching and practices need to match up, it can be so very hard to do.


This is one of the things we're talking about today in an updated workshop on "Aligning Your Life's Work" I'm presenting for the Heartland Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Annual Conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Among the topics we're covering in Aligning Your Life's Work are:

Today's workshop, while more focused on a personal strategic thinking approach, is a wonderful complement to yesterday's closing session I presented to the CFMA group on "7 Keys to Creating an Innovative Workplace Culture." The innovative workplace culture presentation is a new one building on writing I've been doing the past several years on better inviting, adopting, and recognizing ideas and strategic thinking from employees to direct business strategy.

For a variety of reasons, much of that content hasn't appeared on the blog yet. Given the response from the CFMA group, however, it may be time to start sharing it with all of you as well.

And if your company or association would benefit from strengthening your innovative workplace culture, let me know. We'd love to develop a comparable workshop to help address your opportunities for innovation and creating strategic impact. – Mike Brown


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