Yes, there is still time to get your strategic planning done for next year. If you want to be ready in time, however, you may have to speed things up dramatically to complete the plan. Speeding things up does not mean, however, you should ignore the importance of pushing your organization’s strategic thinking in new directions.



Here are some of the typical questions about accelerating a strategic planning process with links to answers, strategic planning exercises for groups, and lists of strategic thinking questions.

What should we include in our strategic planning?

Focusing and Speeding Up Your Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Exercises for Groups

Strategic Thinking Questions for Next Year

Most years, we provide a new list of strategic thinking questions for group strategic planning exercises. Even though we introduced them previously, the questions are still highly relevant. Here are several lists to use:

Rolling Out the Plan

Still Uncertain on Your Best Approach?

We specialize in implementing the type of focused planning approach associated with these articles. You can review the overview on our strategic planning approach, or better yet, contact us (email at or call 816-509-5320) to help you through your planning whether in person or via a Zoomference! -  Mike Brown


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