I’ll admit to being hopeful about the strategic planning benefits an organization can realize. But not from the typical strategic planning - the kind with too many boring meetings, too few real insights, lots of forms to fill out, takes forever with little real world impact.

Instead, my hopefulness is tied to the type of strategic planning we facilitate with:

When it comes to that kind of strategic planning, there are plenty of benefits for an organization.

18 Ways Strategic Planning Benefits Your Organization

When an organization engages in real strategic thinking-based planning with broad participation, an organization and its people should be:

  1. Brainzooming Strategic Thinking ExercisesSmarter
  2. More results-driven
  3. More confident of attaining performance goals
  4. Able to more successfully take on stretch objectives
  5. Very focused on high impact strategic initiatives
  6. More actively thinking and implementing strategically
  7. Better able to accommodate rapid change
  8. Prepared to better handle uncertainty
  9. Aligned more tightly to key objectives
  10. Able to readily identify and close knowledge gaps
  11. Experiencing stronger affiliation for the brand
  12. Displaying greater alignment within the senior management team
  13. Achieving stronger alignment within teams throughout the organization
  14. Gaining greater visibility for the senior leadership
  15. Engaged in more honest, strategic conversations
  16. More successfully tackling challenging strategic issues
  17. Experiencing a richer, actionable understanding of the strategic direction
  18. Interested in participating in future strategic planning

Not all these benefits may come right away, but over time, vibrant strategic planning will deliver on these benefits.

Wonder how all those strategic planning benefits are possible?

2014 is just around the corner. Email or call me and let’s talk about how these strategic planning benefits can become reality for your organization. – Mike Brown


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