June is wedding month, so for a random creativity starter, use the age old advice given to brides on what to include in their weddings: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Apply the maxim to a creative challenge you have this month in the following way:

Something Old - Think back to a previous creative success. What was the secret ingredient to your creative win? Apply this previous success key to a current challenge to see what it sparks now.

Something New - Buy a bridal magazine or any type of heavily picture-oriented publication that's new relative to what you usually read. Go through page by page looking for images and words as creative idea starters.

Something Borrowed - Ask others who are part of your creative team for their favorite creative idea starters. Borrow their creative triggers to get your creativity going.

Something Blue - Watch this video of paintings from Pablo Picasso's blue period. See what new ideas are prompted by Picasso's artistic approach.

Using these four random inputs should provide a greater than 50% likelihood of creative success - which is better than the marriage success rate!