Wine-CartonPraise for Brevity

I am all about the essence of things. No time for the long form of anything. My attention span is 135 characters . . . There were a number of Brainzooming blog searches early this month on "how to get even with a sociopath boss." So, I guess it’s going to be THAT kind of year . . . Whoever came up with wine in a milk carton is on to something . . . Sometimes you just want to check a conversation off the list and the other person is all, “Talk, talk, talk.”

Confession: I really need to pay better attention. To a variety of things. Apparently . . . Words that are kind of alike, but completely aren't when you mix them up: alleviate and elevate . . .  If anybody needs some sorts, let me know. I’m running to the sorts store because I’m definitely out of them right now . . . Instead of “Join My Network," LinkedIn needs an "I'll make an effort to meet you in person, first" button . . . How many words can you swallow?

I’m still on the lookout for that one advertising agency whose slogan is: We've done the "offering integrated solutions" thing & now only offer "siloed, specific answers" . . . Overheard on television recently: “The crusades were notoriously bad for booty.” I kid you not . . . That moment in the middle of the night when you realize you have obviously done something heinously wrong to someone, and all the little things you've been noticing really do add up to a huge passive aggressive retaliation you've been too blind to realize, perhaps in part because when you have asked them what you've done wrong, they say, "Nothing." Yeah, that moment.

Social Media and the Blogging Life

Blogging Forecast: There's a strong sense of wanting to write blog posts this evening, but we're only predicting a 10% chance of a completed blog post by midnight. Expect continued cold creative prospects throughout the weekend, giving way to heightened anxiety and scrambling to publish whatever's done by Monday morning . . . For whatever reason, it amuses me to no end to leave Dr. Seuss-like responses to peoples’ Facebook updates . . . Commercials running during reality TV shows always seem to have a high correlation between someone’s cleavage and their claimed expertise – no matter what the subject . . . I live in the shadows where the snark grows. If I ever write an autobiography, I think I have my title: “Where the Snark Grows.”

Something I’m completely fed up with on Twitter? Blog posts explaining why Twitter rock stars are unfollowing everyone because it’s simply become too much for them. Puh. Leez . . . Opine: To state an opinion. Epine: To blast an opinion to thousands of your social media followers . . . Think about this: It's tough to relax when you go camping because everybody is in tents . . . My mother asked me, "What are you into?" I told her, "Blogging. I'm into blogging. As in, 'Thank you sir, may I have another blog.'"

Did you know that “pagophilia” is the need to eat ice? I got that really bad . . . You want a life lesson? Here’s one for you: Forgiving, forgetting, not hurting, and starting to care again don't all happen at the same pace . . . A combination I don't like = Winter + Sunday Afternoons + Lots of Work to Do + Sense of Being Behind + Haven't Worked Out in Days + Anxiety . . . Notice how there aren’t any over/under disagreements on scotch tape? Maybe toilet paper should be sticky on one side, and presto-chango, the age-old toilet paper argument goes away? - Mike Brown

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