It's always helpful when someone calls you on a good intention to make sure you actually follow through on it. When I spoke last month to the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association on social media strategy, the format allowed the audience to select from among 12 topics in the social media framework to customize the presentation to the social media strategy issues most relevant for them. To provide additional background on the social media strategic topics we didn't talk about, I promised to create a compilation of links that formed the backbone of the presentation's content. The full compilation has been on my to-do list ever since, and a very kind email from one of the TMSA attendees late last week prompted me to get it done!

My rationalization for the delay? The list now includes several posts written in the last two weeks (after the TMSA conference), including the post on who should create content that's generated so many rich comments here and nearly 6,000 page views in its first week on the Social Media Today blog as well.



1. Integration

 2. ROI

3. Guidelines


4. Listening

5. Building Relationships

6. Getting Noticed


7. Platforms

8. Time and Talent

9. Minimizing Risk


10. Content Marketing

11. Customer Engagement

12. Innovation


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