Robert Fine (@BobFine on Twitter) tweeted a contest late last year to win a copy of his new social media strategy book, "The Big Book of Social Media." The contest was to be the first person to answer a trivia question about one of the book's many case study authors. As a research guy, I hopped on Google, found the answer, and tweeted it as fast as I could, winning the free copy of the book.

By the way, that's my creative way of getting the "I got this book free" disclaimer out of the way!

Since then, Bob, who created the Cool Social Conferences World Tour, has become a good Twitter friend. And based on the diversity of smart perspectives he's assembled within the book, it's definitely worth taking a look at it if you're in the midst of trying to do something real with social media for business. Going beyond the valueless chatter out there, it provides solid discussions of real-life social media strategy implementations that have truly integrated organizational objectives and delivered real metrics.

As the “Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives” part of the book's title suggests, Bob has assembled more than forty strategy overviews organized by specific cases across a variety of segments (i.e., business, vertical industries, media, nonprofits, etc.). As a self-professed book skimmer, I love the format because it offers readers multiple ways to access the case studies:

  • Read it all the way through
  • Zero in on segments of interest
  • Focus on specific blueprints from comparable situations

"The Big Book of Social Media" is a great resource for people who are really serious about social media strategy. Check it out, if that's what you are! -Mike Brown

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