At the 2015 Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, I am introducing a new Brainzooming workshop on "Staying Sane as a Solo Social Media Professional.”

By title, the workshop targets individuals who have to handle a brand’s social media strategy and implementation. In reality, the content is relevant for anyone responsible for social media and related content marketing that wants to:

  • Develop social strategies linked to business objectives more effectively in less time
  • Produce content that is easily repurposed in multiple ways
  • Speed up content creation
  • Better prioritize high-impact content
  • Do more and better social media marketing with small budgets

Much of the content is coming from previous Brainzooming posts with additions from the responses to the solo social media survey we featured recently.

Additionally, I am developing a new, simplified content calendar, a one-page strategy overview, and the “Content Marketing Formulas” list below.

These content marketing formulas came to life yesterday morning as I started playing around with different approaches to express handy reminders for how to repurpose content in timesaving ways.

Girl-Board-Formula16 Content Marketing Formulas

  1. Blog Post / 140 characters > 10 Tweets
  2. Tweet + Instagram = Facebook Post
  3. Blog Post – Words + Images = Infographic
  4. Blog Post + “On Camera Talent” + Camera = Video
  5. (Blog Post Links + Blog Title) * 10 = Compilation Blog Post
  6. Video / Capturing Individual Frames > 15 Images
  7. 1000 Word Blog Post / 3 = 3 Days of Digestible Blog Posts
  8. 1 Video Interview > 1 Podcast Segment + 1 Blog + 3 Images
  9. 1 Audio Recording of a Presentation = 2 Podcast Segments + 10 Graphics + 4 Blog Posts
  10. Website ImageSocial Sharing Button = Pinterest Post
  11. (Blog Post x 10) + Intro + Close + Call to Action = Downloadable Asset
  12. Infographic + Blog Post = Downloadable Asset
  13. (PowerPoint Presentation + “Voice Talent”)com = Video
  14. Live Webinarme = Video
  15. (Customer Event x Capturing Content) / Editing > Weeks of Social Media Content
  16. Rambling Blog Post that’s Not Working – Parts that Aren’t Working = Tighter, Working Blog Post

This list is VERY much a work-in-process even beyond the Social Media Strategies Summit. As a result, I am especially interested in whatever feedback and tweaks you might want to share.

Ultimately, I could see using content marketing formula number 3 and turning this blog post into an infographic.

Before that though, are there any formulas you use to improve your social media and content marketing productivity and impact you would like to share with the Social Media Strategies Summit audience? pronto!

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