This week's Saturday Surprise will mean a lot more if you're adept at foreign languages, but there should still be enough visual impact in the article and video to back up that this Saturday Surprise is an intriguing demonstration of creativity floating around the Internet.

And in the case of this Saturday Surprise, "floating" can be taken literally.

This post, originally tweeted by previous Brainzooming guest blogger Tanner Christensen, features Berndnaut Smilde, a Dutch artist who uses the right atmospheric conditions and a fog machine to create create clouds inside rooms. You can check out the article on Berndnaut Smilde and his methods, in addition to watching the YouTube video. If you happen to speak German, you'll obviously get a lot more out of the video. But at least the video does allow you to see the clouds form!

Enjoy your Saturday Surprise!  - Mike Brown


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