Displaying strategic leadership doesn't come from complexity. It derives from being able to move forward on things that matter, helping to bring them to reality.

Last Thursday I spoke at Max Utsler's Innovation in Marketing Communications class at Kansas University, debuting the new version of "Taking the NO Out of InNOvation" summarized here a number of weeks ago. It seemed very appropriate since the first version of the presentation came from speaking to Max's class 5 years ago!

One topic we discussed was the idea of very subtle ways to demonstrate a strategic leadership perspective. This includes taking notes and recapping meetings to allow you to shape the conversation as it happens and afterward. One student voiced the concern that taking and typing notes can get you cast in an "administrative" role. It's a valid concern, yet one that's easily avoided. Here's how:

Employ these two approaches and meeting participants will notice the difference. You won't be mistaken as playing an administrative role. Trust me - I've seen it work time after time.