I was one of the people that said I thought 2019 totally sucked and that 2020 had to be better. Sorry about that . . . There had to be a markedly different level of resolve to get everyone to band together to win WWII . . . Going to church in the morning is the foundation event for my day. Without that, it's tough to formally start the day. It just kind of happens . . . Having been showered and ready to go by 6:25 a.m. nearly every weekday for twenty-plus years, I now seem to be more than okay with showering at 2:15 p.m. What has happened to the me I used to know?

Our entire metro area goes on mandatory stay-at-home orders on Tuesday, March 24. Looking at the restrictions, we’ve been on most of those for the last week or more . . . Scared, worried, frustrated, amazed, avoiding, bleak, hopeful, determined, excited, anxious, very anxious, resigned, reassured, hopeful. That's maybe the range of emotions. I may have missed some . . . Anxiety always saps a dependable amount of creative energy that you would otherwise need. Count on it . . . We make interesting decisions as a society depending on the situation . . . Trending on YouTube: 17 Ways to Get the Most from 3 Squares of Toilet Paper.

I've been getting 10,000 steps daily, often just walking around the center of the house, a path that’s only 18 steps for me . . . Update: I accomplished something big. Moved furniture so my fast walking path thru the house went from 18 to 26 steps . . .  Emma and I were discussing how we help the other day. We decided that we moved right to the reinvention stage in the Covid-19 coping process without working through the early stages that a lot of businesses are facing. We want to be ready for everyone with great ideas and resources as you reach this stage . . . BTW, Emma has a new blog (The Isolation Diaries) with ideas on ways to unwind, activities for kids, playlists, book suggestions, and things in that vein. You should get in on it!

My wife and I made a grocery list. We left the list at home. We had to improv our way through the grocery store. We forgot stuff right and left . . . I need to start eating some of the 29 cans of Chicken and Stars soup we have before week three of this . . . If we run out of toilet paper, I guess we'll just roll with it . . . Here’s me playing So Cool, the Cigar Box Guitar that Jeff Mello of Mad Sci Innovations made for me. Sorry, I don’t sing. Just hack away at the guitar, and try to stay fine, fine, fine. – Mike Brown

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