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If you are suffering a creative block (or even creative apathy), try a different type of idea to combat it: Figure out another task, topic, or need that creates such a large sense of avoidance for you that it dwarfs your creative block. Then watch your creativity flow!

Yes, one answer to conquering your creative block is to find an even bigger block related to something you REALLY can’t or don’t want to tackle right now even more!

For me, if I’m struggling with writing a blog post, any type of involved administrative task can prompt a new rush of creativity. For example, now that it’s time to start focusing on preparing documentation for income taxes, I expect to have a rush of blogging ideas and legitimate interest in writing and finishing them.

If you can identify your bigger creative avoidance area, don’t be surprised to find you suddenly have renewed creative inspiration for what was previously your biggest creative block.

How's that for a creative quickie? – Mike Brown


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