Amid dramatic changes in my professional life, and Brainzooming™ in particular, I'm deliberately forcing myself into uncomfortable areas necessitating rapid development of previously underused skills.

Understanding the importance of diving in and not holding myself to an unrealistic performance standard, I labeled last week, "Make Mistakes Week."

When undertaking changes and growth, do yourself a favor and establish a "Make Mistakes Week" for yourself. Doing so acknowledges the need to get started, consciously practice, learn from experience, and continuously improve.

In addition to trial and error, I tried listening and observing others more intently as they offered absolutely fundamental counsel. It's always amazing how clearly others can see things you should find obvious yet completely miss!

Through the concurrent development and implementation of new messaging for Brainzooming, I did get better at delivering it during the week. But the improvement wasn't all in a straight line, and it fell well short of where it needs to be.

As a result, this week is "Make Mistakes Week - The Sequel!" - Mike Brown