Merry-Christmas-FamilyAmid all the advertisements pummeling people to shop right up to Christmas Eve for holiday gifts and to resume shopping as early as possible the day after Christmas, some of the most memorable holiday gifts aren’t found in retail stores.

These holiday gifts do not cost anything and will never be directly measured in an economic recap of the holiday buying season.

12 Free Holiday Gifts

Thinking back on some of the incredible things people have done for me this year or I’ve witnessed people do for others, here are twelve ideas for holiday gifts you can still make happen in time for Christmas that cost only the commitment and effort to do something special for someone.

This holiday, how about . . . ?

  1. Cheering another person toward greater aspirations than they have imagined themselves pursuing.
  2. Dependably reaching out to someone when you suspect he or she might most need it.
  3. Leaving a voice mail message for someone you have not talked to in some time saying you are going through withdrawals because of it.
  4. Extending empathy to another person and then devoting yourself to listening to what is bothering them.
  5. Praying for a miracle for someone who can really use a miracle.
  6. Being a beacon of positivity when your own situation looks to others to be anything but positive.
  7. Letting someone who is struggling know that even though they feel messed up, they are really on the right track.
  8. Telling a friend, “I love you,” even if it is in that beer commercial kind of way.
  9. Being giddy when you see an old friend you haven’t seen in ages (other than on Facebook).
  10. Putting yourself squarely in the middle of a life situation to help someone who can’t help themselves right now.
  11. Respecting someone you fundamentally disagree with, even on serious issues.
  12. Showing up when hardly anyone has made an effort to do so.

That's a list full of true blessings!

Life Lessons

As much as I love “commerce,” these free holiday gifts are what will really make a lasting impact in someone else’s life more than anything you’ll ever lug home from a store.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Brainzooming Group!  Mike Brown


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