Larry-King-MishmashIt’s not about thinking outside the box; it’s about thinking all over the place, all the time . . . There could be fantastic things happening for you right now behind the scenes or just outside your view . . . Here’s one for the Seinfeld Fans: iPad + Shrinkage = iPadMini. Really though, how are we going to be happy as a society until there is an iSomething or the other in quarter inch size increments between 3 inches and 17 inches?

Just thinkin' - people with the best parking spaces leave them the slowest . . . Got a Facebook friend suggestion for someone from college. Why do I feel guilty for thinking, "How is he still alive?" . . . So now when I see an ad for a Tour de France stationery bike, I imagine it infuses doping drugs . . .This just in, from my friend Julie Cottineau:  “Toilets can be an important touch point for your brand."

I love typos with meaning: “Aspiraction" - Embracing what you want in life and getting off your butt to do something about it . . . Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Just because you want to doesn't mean you should be able to . . . Let’s play Jeopardy - Creativity for $400.  A: Some people specialize in sucking oxygen out of a room. Q: Who are people to not have in a brainstorming session, Alex?

Don’t discount that there’s a very solid reason for why you're in the sorry state you're in right now; it’s a wakeup call . . . Somebody endorsed me on LinkedIn for "Facebook cat photos." Probably not a good sign . . . Our HP printer box was mis-labeled. It said "network" printer, but they meant "NOTwork" printer . . . When the big corporation you run can't compete, complete a big deal. It's distracting in oh so many pleasant ways. Until those ways become very unpleasant . . . There is a real need to turn my entire office upside down and shake out the debris of projects past . . . Some things are too good to be true. Then there is a whole other category of things that are too true to be good . . . Here’s everything you need to know about social media responsiveness from @leahbradshaw, "I can't wait around for an answer from whoever, whenever. I have to respond."

Things that stop you? Decorum, laws, a sense of right & wrong, fears, a clear head, a promise, bad decisions, no nunchuck skills . . . "I do stupid stuff so you don't have to." This from a guy on Oddities who sticks stuff into his face . . . When it rains, it pours. What's the opposite of that? When it's a drought, things get drier?

Four-Twitter-AvatarsTry not to wear your emotions on your Twitter stream . . . The History Channel had a show on Zombies? That tells us much of what we need to know about deceptive naming . . .There should be a wireless router brand called "FoFum" so it could be "Wi-Fi from FoFum."

Three words you could think about all day? “Speed never slumps.” That’s Alyson Habetz, an assistant softball coach at Alabama . . . New innovation phrase for the day? "Too Inconsequential to Fail.” There’s nothing but upside in creating small stuff. . . When strategy creation is turned into filling out forms, you will have crappy strategy on your hands . . . Money doesn't fix bad business behavior. Honest conversations and integrity fix bad business behaviors . . . So many things in life don't have an end. You just have the daily opportunity to do YOUR best, no matter what anybody else thinks. - Mike Brown

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