Internal executive videos are funny things.

Well, actually, they are rarely funny things. More frequently, internal executive videos are boring things. Or odd things. Or cringe-worthy things.


A friend working at a university sends me links occasionally for internal videos featuring a university leader trying for a "rah-rah, pick them up, congratulate and challenge them, but leave them feeling good about themselves" videos. They are heavily scripted (but trying to act as if they aren't) and delivered in a syrupy, grating style that defines the standard for cringe worthy employee videos.

As I told my friend, it's as if these videos are employee morale snuff films.

That's not the way to advance an internal branding strategy.

Alternatively, talking to a nonprofit executive, the issue with her organization's internal executive videos is execs SAY they want to create videos where they are approachable and relaxed. They then, however, re-watch, re-think, and reject the edited videos because they seem too casual. The question was what to do to get the leadership team comfortable with actually being casual and approachable on camera.

1 Way to Stop Horrible Executive Videos

My suggestion for these videos to have an impact on their internal branding strategy?

Start recording the executives all the time with phones instead of exclusively using video crews and shooting only planned videos. Tell them you are just getting the video to reference for blog posts or press releases with no intention of releasing it. Then, capture them explaining strategy at employee meetings. Video them talking with employees. Ask them simple, direct questions before or after big meetings. Shoot informal moments when they are interacting and relaxed.

The objective is to get them comfortable being on camera when they don’t think it’s going to matter. Then when it’s no longer a big deal for them to be on camera, you can then start introducing these video moments where they are truly relaxed and approachable.

How you break the news to them that you really ARE going to use the videos you said you weren’t going to use?

Well, that’s up to you to figure out! - Mike Brown

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