Since its introduction in October 2010, I've participated in nearly all the monthly #Ideachat sessions. These monthly Twitter interactions originated and curated by Angela Dunn (@BlogBrevity on Twitter) bring together a global group of creative thinkers for an hour-long, intimate conversation about an intriguing topic Angela identifies for us. #Ideachat is always an opportunity to think and realize, once again, that when it comes to creative thinking, there's never just one answer.

Angela proposed that for the August #Ideachat the moderation duties she usually handles be shared among several individuals who have been active in the #Ideachat community. I’m pleased to be one of the tweeters chosen to serve as a co-host, along with Jon Mertz  (@thindifference) from Dallas and Jose Baldaia (@jabaldaia) from Portugal.

What's the Brainzooming creative thinking topic?

The creative thinking topic during my segment will focus on what inspires creativity for participants.

This question has been a particular focus area recently since I’ve been working to compile all the Brainzooming content on getting around creative blocks into a book format. When Angela requested specific creative thinking topics, an #Ideachat discussion about what inspires a group as creative and intriguing as the #Ideachat participants was an incredibly exciting opportunity.

These are the specific #Ideachat questions we’ll cover during the Brainzooming segment:

  • What provides the most dependable creative inspiration for you – whether a person, place, or thing - and why?
  • How do you share this creative inspiration with others?
Since it will be a fast-paced 10-15 minutes  on my segment, we'll see if we get both questions included.

Join us for #Ideachat this Saturday

#Ideachat will take place on Twitter, Saturday, August 13 at 8 am CDT. If you aren't on Twitter but would like to monitor the conversation, you can do so right here. If you'd like to actively participate in #Ideachat, which I encourage you to do, the best place to participate is to login to your Twitter account on By entering the #Ideachat hashtag on Tweetchat, you can track the conversation and participate throughout the hour to share your ideas on creative inspiration and the other #Ideachat creative thinking topics. - Mike Brown


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