Who is Idea Magnets - 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders intended for? Will it help you develop your creative leadership skills, personally and professionally?

John Jantsch asked that during our interview about the book on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast.

The answer: it is for any leader in a business or organization.

The inspiration for the book came after a long corporate career. I paired up for a long stretch with a boss who was wildly creative. He would generate ideas that I would NEVER imagine. Working with him, I was the person who would lead turning the ideas into reality, figuring out what we could deliver and how we’d do it. I would also carry the enthusiasm for the ideas to the team. While I was helping shape the big ideas, I was more focused on implementing than originating them.

When I started Brainzooming, I didn’t have an amazing creative leader to pair up with anymore. Clients looked to me to generate big ideas. That’s why I’ve described Idea Magnets as a book from the road. It’s my guide from along the way about figuring out how generate bigger and stronger ideas. It comes from looking at the creative leadership skills of Idea Magnets who I had worked with in my career:

  • What did they do?
  • How did they motivate themselves?
  • How did they energize a team?

The Idea Magnets development process involved reverse engineering their strategies. I had to figure out, stepping into a role with greater creative expectations, what frameworks, tools, and exercises would help transform someone to display fantastic creative leadership skills, even if that’s not a natural talent.
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Ready to Improve Your Leadership Skills?

Idea Magnets is for anyone dealing with a comparable challenge to who wants to improve his or her creative leadership skills. People who are already Idea Magnets through God-given talent can also still find value in the book. It will provide them a way to work through creative dry spots and generate new inspiration.

For somebody who feels as if there’s a lot of pressure in business, and needs to grow and do wonderful new things? Idea Magnets will be a resource to help them step into that role and be more successful with it on a more predictable basis.

Yes, Idea Magnets is for YOU!  – Mike Brown