Seven months into daily posts on the blog, it’s time to directly request comments from those of you who are reading it.

One objective in starting the blog was to force myself to commit new ideas to writing. Rather than just creating Powerpoint slides for presentations, I wanted to express concepts in new ways and to avoid forgetting them because they had never been captured. From that standpoint, the blog has been very successful. As I’ve done many strategic thinking “how to” sessions this year, there’s been plentiful new content to freshen the basic presentation.

Other clear positives have included:

What hasn’t worked, from my perspective at least, is creating a strong dialogue with you. Amid sporadic comments (which I appreciate more than you’ll ever know), most posts don’t trigger much response, although at times I get email comments that aren’t left on the site. Interestingly, the dearth of comments or questions happens often in live presentations. I’m not sure if it’s the content, the quantity of material, or my delivery style, but obviously something isn’t triggering you to share your perspectives as frequently as I might have anticipated.

An interesting for me is that this blog has helped trigger the introduction (or re-introduction) of several other blogs – some among all of you and several that I’ve started in related, but narrower categories tied to my personal and professional work. Additionally, I’m beginning this Thursday as a weekly marketing blogger on Schmoozii, a new business-oriented social networking website. It’s an exciting opportunity resulting from writing this blog.

With this new effort, my weekly “blog output” quota will reach 12 posts (plus graphics and trying to respond to comments that are offered). For me at least, as a part-time blogger, that’s a lot to produce. Which led me to a personal recommendation: ask you for your perspectives to help shape the content and frequency of my efforts. And being a fan of the Plus – Minus – Interesting – Recommendation format, I’d sincerely appreciate your thoughts on the following:

  1. Plus - What works for you about this blog (content, frequency, certain types of posts, etc.)? Where does it provide value to you professionally or personally?
  2. Minus - What is lacking in the blog from your perspective? Are there things that are less valuable or could be re-tooled to be more helpful for you?
  3. Interesting - What are things you’ve found interesting, intriguing, or surprising as a result of the blog?
  4. Recommendation - What recommendations do you have relative to changes or enhancements?

Please leave a comment with your PMIR thoughts (or send me an email at if you’d prefer) and help me shape the blog in the months ahead. Thanks for you help!