Some people ooze creative confidence. They display a sense of self-assured creativity that can fill you with equal parts admiration, envy, discouragement, and disbelief (that anyone can have their act that together relative to how to be more creative).

For those of us without that elevated level of creative confidence, how to be more creative and boost our personal creative confidence can be a big question.

3 Ways to Your Boost Creative Confidence

Here are three ideas to boost creativity and shape how to be more creative in your daily activities:

1. Train on your creative wins to boost creativity.

Always have memory triggers you can use to recall creative wins you’ve enjoyed as a way to boost creativity. These can be photos, videos, audio files, mementos, portfolios, correspondence – anything to help recall ways you’ve used in the past that will help you now in how to be more creative.

So how do you “train” using these memory trigger to boost creativity? Considering these creative wins, ask yourself these questions:

  • What was the creative impact I helped deliver in this situation?
  • How did I prepare creatively for this creative win?
  • What creative process did I use?
  • How did I overcome any creative challenges I encountered?

Answering these questions can help build your creative confidence through recalling specific creative strategies you want to make sure you use again to be more creative now.

2. Go with what you know and add something else you don’t to be more creative.

Instead of simply relying on your creative talents that feel most comfortable and were tested creatively years ago, how about picking a comfortable creative talent combined with a creative pursuit you’ve rarely pursued? I’m trying to apply this advice right now for how to be more creative with the Brainzooming blog. I’ve written more than a thousand blog posts on strategy, creativity, and innovation. Now I’m now searching for a different creative approach to pair with writing to boost creative energy and develop a new blog experience. (BTW - if you want to share some creative ideas on this, I’m very interested in hearing them!)

3. Go with what you don’t know and stretch your creative confidence.

To dramatically boost your creative confidence, dive into something completely new creatively, conquer it, and build on your successes (and challenges) from the effort.

This creative approach isn’t a strong suit of mine since I enjoy going to school on new activities before diving in creatively. I do try though to put myself into situations where I’m forced to try new creative strategies.

One example recently was attending an improv comedy breakout at the Big Ideas conference. Everyone had to stand up and participate in the improv comedy exercises. While I like making up funny jokes and remarks in reaction to things that happen in life, this was the first time I’d ever done improv comedy exercises designed to boost your comedy skills. The comedy exercises were fun, and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to do something like this again without preparation.

When you’re working on how to be more creative, what do you do?

Have you successfully tried one of these creative strategies or a variation on one of them? Are there other creative strategies that are working for you to boost your creative confidence? Let us know your ideas. – Mike Brown


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