Having gone through a duty free area at a foreign airport recently, there was some great store planning in evidence:

  • Every traveler had to go through the duty free shop immediately after the security checkpoint – there was no getting around it.
  • It was very bright with lots of room to branch off and shop.
  • There were very visible sales clerks in brightly colored outfits (you guessed it – they were orange!)
  • The luxury items (perfume & liquor) were right inside the door, getting your attention early while you were still orienting yourself from security and had the most money to spend.
  • Toys and other kids’ items were located at the far end of the store, so kids didn't get distracted early and potentially frustrate parental shopping efforts until right before checkout.
  • You had to walk through nearly the entire store before the first opportunity to exit.

It was a strong use of place to generate sales opportunities. How can you apply these lessons directly if you’re in a placed-related business or indirectly, if you’re not, to create more stickiness in your marketing and sales efforts?