Maybe it has been a tough week. Maybe it has been a tough you don't even remember how long. Today, give yourself a break, and remember these things:

  • Life is precious. Things are just things.
  • You get to decide about how much stuff you allow to bother you. It's a lot easier on you if you choose less stuff.
  • When praying for what you want, include a prayer you'll be able to recognize it when it's given to you.
  • When you decide to leave something behind, leave it behind. Don't torture yourself thinking about it.
  • Your supporters will tell you once and move on. Your critics will keep talking until you agree.
  • Beating the competition wins the game. Beating yourself up makes beating the competition all that much harder.
  • If need be, redefine the denominator by which you judge your performance & success.
  • Take the talents you have & apply them in every way you can think of.

If you've gotten this far, that's fantastic, and I hope you feel better about things. If the feeling wanes during the coming days, come back and re-read these and re-commit to giving yourself a break again. Or you can also click on the drawing in this post to go to "Draw a Stickman" for a few minutes of fun and a great message! – Mike Brown


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