My, how times change!

In the old days, I'd get twitchy if our planning group's attention hadn't turned to readying for the next year's planning by April with completion targeted for early September. Amid a changing business environment, however, those dates got progressively later until the prospect of nearly coincident planning left us unphased.

At the Frost & Sullivan event I participated in during the first week in November, attendees were asked who was still working on the new year's plans. Based on the large percentage of hands raised, it looked like many companies have pushed back planning efforts much later.

As a result, Brainzooming is focused on planning, providing tips and ideas to prepare your plan for what your marketplace holds next year. Here's what's coming this week:

If you're feeling really under the gun for getting your plan done on time with the level of rigor to help your business be more successful in 2010, email us at to talk about how to get started quickly! - Mike Brown