Extreme-CreativitySuppose you have an opposite strategic situation relative to the one described in yesterday's article: you have too many extreme ideas you need to determine how to implement.

In cases where you have more extreme creativity than you can begin to implement, you want to be able to turn a really big creative idea into something that can actually move forward.

If you're trying to create strategic impact, you don't want to have to abandon a big creative idea because of failing to figure out how to turn it into something you can make happen.

5 Creative Thinking Questions to Harness Extreme Creativity

If you're facing this issue, try these five questions to re-shape and re-shift extreme ideas back to reality:

  1. If it's too big or risky to do, how can you break off a small piece and pursue that?
  2. If it's too dangerous to do, how can you take away the least amount of danger while keeping as much extreme as possible?
  3. If it's too ridiculous to do, how can you make it just realistic enough to get started implementing it?
  4. If it's too radical, how can you make it seem not as overtly threatening?
  5. If it goes off in the wrong direction, how can you take a seed of the idea and nurture it so it develops in a valuable way?

Having worked for several creative geniuses during my career, these types of questions were de rigueur for turning their extreme creativity into reality. – Mike Brown

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