Suppose you're trying to come up with innovative ideas to introduce a new marketing program. You want to avoid doing the same old things you do for THAT type of marketing program every time you do that type of marketing program.

Want a quick idea for how to stretch your creative thinking to imagine many more marketing strategies to approach this opportunity in new ways?

Easily Rethink Your Status Quo Marketing Strategies

Here's an answer to the question of innovating your marketing strategies: look at the opportunity as if it were any number of DIFFERENT types of marketing opportunities.

For instance, if you’re introducing a new B2B product by having your business development team making sales calls on current clients, you have a whole variety of other marketing strategies at your disposal.

Here are a few of the other ways to think about the launch: you could imagine the new product introduction as if it were:

  • An event
  • A campaign
  • An offer or a promotion
  • A content marketing strategy
  • A direct marketing program
  • A social and online engagement outreach strategy
  • An online presence
  • A sponsorship
  • A contest or game

Using this list of alternative ways to think about the product launch will yield many new marketing strategies. You might imagine:

  • A live launch webinar (event)
  • Integrating email and white papers to support the launch (campaign)
  • Providing a trial version of the product for a limited time (offer or promotion)
  • Introducing a series of articles discussing how customers helped shape the product development (content marketing strategy)
  • Teaser emails to targeted, high-potential customers (direct marketing program)
  • Videos demonstrating the new product sent in advance of every business development call (social engagement strategy)
  • A dedicated section of your website with early testimonials and more detailed information (online presence)
  • Introducing the product at an industry conference where you are a major partner (sponsorship)
  • A contest for early purchasers to compete for an incredible trip (contest or game)

See the possibilities?

All from deliberately thinking about a marketing program in ways that you never have before. Give it a try this week and reap the benefits!  – Mike Brown

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