Plenty of people have created lists of desert island discs, but this is different. Suppose you’re stuck on a desert island with just enough supplies to sustain your existence, PLUS a phone, a charger, a strong mobile signal, and your favorite Twitter app that will only let you follow 10 tweeters.

I know, this is a pretty wacked-out desert island scenario, but stick with me.

Now that you can only have 10 people to follow on Twitter, who would be your dessert island tweeters? Who has demonstrated in the past that they're so intriguing to follow on Twitter they warrant a precious space on your list? Or who, based on what they might be able to do for you, could earn a spot among your top 10 Twitter friends?

Choosing Desert Island Tweeters

For whatever reason, the question of a desert island tweeters list struck me the other night as I had Tweetdeck open and was looking to engage in some fun, creativity-inspiring conversations on Twitter.

I could imagine a whole variety of criteria to consider when choosing desert island tweeters:

  • A person who you can always depend on to tweet with you
  • Someone who always rewteets you?
  • Someone who has a lot of followers who might retweet you once in a while and would hopefully retweet your requests for help
  • Someone who is a “fan” of yours
  • The person who is ALWAYS cheerful and has an encouraging tweet to share
  • Somebody who shares Triberr tweets 24/7
  • Big brands that tweet links to press releases
  • People who tell you about how great they are and tweet photos of the incredible things they’re doing right now
  • Foursquare addicts
  • A non-responder who never has a tweet for you when you tweet them
  • The old friend you rarely hear from, but will pop up on Twitter when you least expect it
  • The person who you KNOW will be on Twitter daily, even if they’re not tweeting with YOU
  • An IRL friend who you also happen to know online
  • A famous person who shares his or her life
  • The social media rock star who has lots of links to new stuff, but not so much conversation
  • Only people who also follow you
  • Tweeters who tweet about topics of interest to you
  • The people who tweet ALL the time
  • The attractive person who frequently tweets pictures of him/herself
  • #FollowFriday devotees who recognize you every week
  • Someone who tweets old quote from guys who have been dead for thousands of years

The list of criteria could go on and on for who to follow on Twitter if you could only have your  top 10 Twitter friends as your desert island tweeters.

So who WOULD BE your desert island tweeters?

Do any of these criteria help you come up with your desert island tweeters? Are the other criteria you would use?

And maybe most importantly, if there are people you wouldn’t add to your desert island tweeter list because they do some of the things listed here, why do you put up with them on Twitter every day?

Oh, and if you want to share your list of desert island tweeters (or even your list of desert island discs), you're more than welcome to do so in the comments section below! - Mike Brown


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