Are you experiencing death by meeting syndrome at work?

In all likelihood, you are.

It seems as if everyone we talk to in companies of any size complains about the death by meeting syndrome where it’s impossible to get any work done for all the business meetings they have to attend.

Is there anything you can do to deal with death by meeting syndrome?

Well, you can try!

Death by Meeting - 18 Articles on Effective Meetings

These 18 articles from the Brainzooming archives highlight various techniques we use to manage effective meetings, from meeting logistics to meeting dynamics and meeting decision making.


Effectively Preparing for Meetings

Productive Business Meetings – 16 Questions for Meeting Leaders to Ask

Strategic Planning – 5 Dangers of Cheaping out on Hiring a Facilitator

What’s Your Hourly Rate?

What You Can’t See – A Mini Rant

Meeting Locations

10 Meeting Spaces for Work at Home Professionals, Other than Starbucks

Making Every Occasion an Event

080404 Meeting Summary - Fun King Insane

Meeting Dynamics

Fun Strategic Planning Activities – Do you like doing an ice breaker exercise?

A Strategy for Bringing Customers Into Every Meeting

Musical Chairs – A Seating Strategy

Working from the Same Side of the Table

Corporate Amnesia – 9 Ways to Prevent and Avoid It

7 Tips to Improve Conference Call Presentations

When Is a Meeting Over?

Streamlining Meetings

1 Simple Strategy for Improving Time Management

11 Examples of Strategic Thinking without an Offsite Meeting

Strategic Thinking – 12 Ways Project Teams Can Stay out of the Weeds

Decision Making at Meetings

Creating Strategic Impact – 3 Project Management Steps to Productively Review Concepts

Making a Decision – 7 Situations Begging for Quick Decisions

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