I'm in West Palm Beach, FL today speaking at the Connections 2017 conference sponsored by SMC3. The topic is about engaging your internal brand team and delivering on a great customer experience strategy.

This Brainzooming branding keynote is built around eight questions for senior executives to ask themselves about how they are preparing their teams to help shape brand strategy and deliver incredible experiences to customers. It starts by asking how easy it would be to walk past a $100 million idea in your organization because you just didn't recognize it. My contention is that it's easy to miss a $100 million idea in a big company because it is probably coming from somebody completely surprising and it doesn't show up looking like a big idea. It may be a failed attempt. It may be a small idea that needs a lot of work. It may be what seems like a misguided attempt today that will only make sense once you see it from a different future perspective.

Along the way, the talk covers these other aspects of customer experience strategy:

I'm excited about the keynote, because it's the first time back speaking in front of this big a group of transportation professionals for a few years. Having come from the transportation industry, and seeing so many people I knew and faces I recognized at the January 2017 SMC3 conference, I can't wait to share these ideas with them.

In the meantime, if you'd like to grab a free copy of the diagnostic we're offering to Connections 2017 attendees to assess their big strategy statements, you can do so for a limited time. - Mike Brown

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