What’s the customer experience delivery like for your brand? Does it meet everything your customers are looking for?


You think there’s not much more you can do to improve your brand’s customer experience?

Don’t you think that is a very dangerous falsehood to hang onto and accept as reality?

8 Ways to Rethink Customer Experience Delivery

If you acknowledge that you have room to improve and, more importantly, re-imagine the customer experience delivery for your brand, you might try one (or more) of these strategies to perform a thought experiment. Of course, you’ll need to ultimately follow that up with doing something, but all things in due time.

  1. Talk to the people who think your brand does the coolest stuff in the world. Even with boring brands, SOMEBODY thinks your brand has some cool going for it. Now, how can you help other customers see the cool that's right in front of you?
  2. Where do your best customers want to be - in their careers and personal lives - and how can your brand transplant them to where they REALLY want to be?
  3. What changes to your customer experience would get your customers to stay with your brand longer - whether in-person or virtually?
  4. If you tried to rework your entire customer experience around the needs and interests of ONE incredible customer, who would that customer be? What would you start to do if you only had to address them in your customer experience?
  5. What is your brand's big story, and how does EVERY message you send link in some way to your big story?
  6. How can you give customers all kinds of clues to how to use your product once they buy it so that they will use and enjoy it more?
  7. Even if your brand will NEVER have a physical store presence, what would your store brand experience be like?
  8. What are ways you can always make your customers look incredible - but not in a pandering or obnoxious way?

After you have worked through one (or a couple of) these, how are you feeling about your current customer experience delivery?

Time to do something, right?  – Mike Brown

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