As I mentioned the other day, I did a session locally on linking blogs to business strategy. One segment of the presentation addressed writing less for a blog by featuring guest authors and incorporating more videos.

After the presentation, Jill Tran came over to talk. She has her own interior design firm in Kansas City and is also a blogger. When I asked Jill to do a future guest blog for Brainzooming on creativity and interior design, she suggested we video something. And that's what we did!

So here's our first video guest blog, with Jill talking about the intersection of creativity and interior design. (You can click on the link if the video doesn't appear.) Enjoy!

Now that Jill's done it, our repertoire of ways for you to be featured on Brainzooming has grown. If you'd like to create a short video on strategy, innovation, or creativity, let me know. If you'd prefer to write a guest post, here's some background information to get you started. - Mike Brown